Current Teaching Faculty

The Associate Faculty of St Stephen’s College is a diverse group of highly competent professionals and academics who are engaged – along with the resident Faculty – in the task of guiding the teaching and learning enterprise of the College during this academic year.

Alexander, Markus Algra, Julie
Bidwell, Charles Breitkreutz, Dale
Buckle, Michelle Cantelon, William
Carr, John C. Carverhill, Philip
Clark, Margaret Dawson, Heather
Dicks, Janice Elford, Neil
Feehan, Mona-Lee Fidyk, Alexandra
Gardner, Leslie Goa, David J
Hildebrandt, Darlynne Hill, Anne
Jamieson, Heather Kaasa, Terry
Kayes, Robert Killoran, Sheila
Krumins, Norbert Linder-King, Straja
MacAulay, Patricia Maddix, Tom
Waring, Dawn Olson, Joanne K.
Parker, Ara Parry, Louis Buff
Peet, Tatiana Pritchard, Zinia
Rodgers, George Sharam, Earle
Sobon, Sonia St. Arnault, David
Steeves, Nancy Stewart, Lori
Stump, Heather Waring, Dawn
Waters, Jean Wilfong-Pritchard, Geoffrey
Woodbury, Clair